Plant and Equipment

Equipment Rental

Genet Mining’s equipment rental division is equipped to conduct typical pit services in and around mining and process areas. Equipment available for rental includes graders, water cars, compaction rollers, dozers, lighting plants and water pumps.


By default Genet Mining had to create the ability to move its own equipment to various sites. Excess capacity does exist in this regard that is made available to external clients. Genet Mining owns a fleet of lowbed and flatbed trucks.

Plant and Equipment

Genet Mining also owns a number of support equipment, including:

  • Generators;
  • Lighting plants
  • Compressors
  • Workshop and stores containers as well as mobile office units
  • Mobile welders
  • Pressure cleaners

 All of the company’s assets (owned and rented) are maintained and supported either directly on the various operating sites or by trained and experienced technical staff at Genet Mining’s fully equipped workshop at Wilge Power Station. The company also carries a wide range of spare parts, oils, lubricants, filters, tyres, etc. on its operating sites and in its central store at located at its Wilge workshop. This ensures that equipment is properly maintained and downtime is minimised.