Dry Mineral Processing

GMP is the sole agent in Southern Africa for the FGX Dry Compound Mineral Separator. This is a purpose-designed, dry mineral processing plant offering mining companies a clean, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to mineral processing needs, with significantly reduced operating costs compared to traditional DMS plants. This is especially relevant in water stressed countries such as South Africa where very strict legislative conditions for water use by mining companies presents an additional challenge to mining operations.

The technology provides a cost effective option for upgrading low grade coal by “de-stoning” this material over a vibrating screen in conjunction with air from a force fan. No process water is used in this process and subsequently no slurry ponds are required, thus reducing capital costs. The FGX plant integrates the separation principles of an autogenous medium separator and a conventional table concentrator. Three streams emanate from the FGX: product, middelings and discard. A dual dust collection system further adds to the environmentally friendly nature of the plant. Dry mineral processing uses less electricity compared to a DMS plant while additional savings are realised though low maintenance costs.

Features of the FGX Separator

  • Completely dry process
  • Simple engineering
  • Environmentally friendly and cost effective
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Low maintenance

Typical Applications

  • Steam coal de-stoning
  • De-stoning of metallurgical coal
  • Dry processing of high-sulphur coal
  • Coal prep in arid regions
  • Processing of low-rank coal
  • Destoning of coal in power utilities and cement plants

This technology is in use in more than 1,500 plants, throughout the world, including the USA, Russia, China, Australia, South Africa, the Ukraine; Korea, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Mongolia.

These tests are conducted in partnership with CoalTech 2020, the CSIR coal research arm.


Principle of Air Separation Technology

 Schematic flow diagram of FGX Module



10 tph Air Separation Test Plant

Genet Mineral Processing owns and operates a FGX-1 Compound Air Separation Test Plant to successfully de-stone ROM coal and upgrading ash and calorific value to an acceptable domestic power utility specification.